Self Amalgamating Tape

Yuzet® self amalgamating tape is a high quality, high performance based product. The product is a rubber based product that’s non sticky making it simple to use and apply. The product bonds to itself on application making a 100% seal. It’s uses include waterproofing, corrosion protection, and the repair and jointing of cables.

Polyisobutylene tapes such as Yuzet® self amalgamating tape are used for general purpose low voltage applications and as a pipe and hose repair tape.

Technical Spec

  • 0.5mm thickness
  • Service temperature -40c to 90c
  • Dielectric strength 42kV/mm
  • Offers protection against corrosion on joints
  • Makes watertight seals when jointing pipes and cables, above or below ground

Sizes available

  • 19mmx10m
  • 25mmx5m
  • 50mmx5m
  • 19mmx10m WHITE
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