Agricultural Fleece

Protect your plants from frost damage

Yuzet® Agricultural frost fleece protects crops from sudden temperature fluctuations all to familiar in the British Autumn period. It also protects year round from rain, frost and wind in fact applied correctly creates a microclimate for your plants to flourish.

The reason for this is Yuzet® fleece prevents an excessive build up of ground heat and also allows the permeation of water.

We suggest using Yuzet® fabric pegs to fix the fleece into the soil.

  • Encourages early growth by allowing liquids, and water to pass through
  • Warms the soil temperature
  • Protects plants from Frost, alongside garden pests such as insects and birds
  • Eco Friendly, UV and chemical resistant
  • Can be used in grow tunnels and greenhouse
  • Available in both 17gsm and 35gsm thickness
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