4.5m x 11m 100gsm Ground Cover Fabric

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Yuzet 100gsm weed membrane stops weed growth while allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil underneath. This heavy duty ground cover is puncture resistant and ideal for the use on rough ground and under footpaths or driveways.

Yuzet Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric is a type of ground cover and a great weed suppressant. It is suitable for gardens, flower beds, footpaths and driveways and it also has planting lines incorporated into the material to facilitate accurate planting. Made from tightly woven black polypropylene, this weed membrane is UV-resistant and can be used without a cover. Using weed control fabric significantly reduces the need for chemical weed killers while being safe to use and very easy to install.

  • Weight: 100gsm
  • Length: 110m
  • Width: 4.5m
  • Light transmission: <0.5%

Please note that this weed membrane has been folded to facilitate shipping.

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