1m X 25m Yuzet Double Foil Insulation Contractors Roll 1BD/A

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Double layer of reflective foil insulation laminated to either side of polyethylene bubble. Ideal loft insulation as it both retains heat in winter whilst reflecting heat in summer. It is unaffected by moisture and condensation. Vapour resistance in excess of 500MNsg.
1m Wide Double Foil Insulation

DOUBLE foil insulation which works on the principle of reflecting approximately 95% radiant heat back in to the building.
The main advantage over single foil being it also reflects too much heat back out ( ideal on roofs ) .
The thermal performance our bubble foil has it is unaffected by moisture and condensation.
We recommend sealing joints with Yuzet® aluminium foil tape.

Typical installation applications; ( to boost thermal performance )
Roofs (example, External tiles, Our Foil, Cavity, batten finish, boards. )
Outdoor buildings & caravans

Technical Specification of our double foil;
Trade-mart double foil is a corrosion resistant, low emissivity aluminium foil backed by a multi layer of air bubble film.
One side is foil, bubble in the middle and another layer of foil.
Thickness 4mm
Weight 263grammes per square meter
Thermal performance (20mm clear cavity to foil faces) , 1.455m2K/w
Water Vapour Resistance > 150MNs/g
Fire Properties (BS476 Part 1 ) Class 1

All Sizes Dimensions are Approximate
5m Lengths may be sent Folded
Roll size is 25m so any orders under 25m may not be sent on a cardboard roll.

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